Video: #PMOI members in #CampLiberty demand UN protection – #Iraq

NCRI – Hundreds of members of the main Iranian opposition PMOI (MEK) in Camp Liberty, Iraq, have held a demonstration expressing their anger following last week’s deadly rocket attack on the camp and protesting the failure of the United States government and the United Nations to uphold their security.

“The United States and United Nations promised us protection,” said one of the Camp Liberty residents, adding that no such protection existed in the camp.

Another resident said that Camp Liberty’s inhabitants had agreed to move there from Camp Ashraf on the basis of a promise by the US, UN and Iraq that their safety and security would be guaranteed. He added that the October 29 deadly missile attack on Camp Liberty, which resulted in 24 deaths and dozens of injuries, had destroyed everything in the camp which has become uninhabitable.

The residents demanded that the Iraqi government lift its blockade on the entry of tools and materials for reconstruction into the camp. They called for the camp’s Iraqi management to be changed, pointing out that the current Iraqi officials in charge of the camp are tied to the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

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