#CampLiberty – #Iraq 3 days after the attack -Day of reckoning @MUSIC_ASHRAF Rouzbeh,Mehrdad

Camp Liberty, the refugee camp of Iranian dissidents went under a brutal missile attack by Ayatollahs’ regime last week, on October 29, 2015; a deadly massacre which led to 24 dead and hundreds of wounded.

The day after, the Iranian artists and musicians living in the camp responded this attack in a way that shocked the world. They performed a song right at the middle of the remained burning ruins of the camp with their damaged instruments, just to outcry:

“The torch of struggle for democracy and freedom flares out more over, even if The tyrants like Ayatollahs of Iran and Bashar Assad of Syria and their alliances try to smother it under the silence and inaction of UN and so called “International Community.”

Day of Reckoning


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