#Iran-ian Women Reportedly Arrested For Riding Bicycles In Public! #FreeIran

Iranian Women arrested for riding bicycles in public !

Some Iranian women were reportedly taken into custody after resisting officers’ orders to pledge in writing that they would not ride their bikes in public again; signs prohibiting this activity are believed to have been put up in May. Iranian authorities are enforcing a rule which prohibits women from publicly riding their bikes.According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran, or NCRI, some women were arrested on July 26th for violating the recent directive.Signs reportedly went up in May, with one example translated by NCRI as saying, “Bicycle riding for women is prohibited in this place. Women are set to ride at the women’s park.”It was signed by the Headquarters of prohibiting vice and promoting virtue which the organization says is “One of the 26 Iranian agencies tasked with cracking down on women.”Some of the cyclists are believed to have been taken into custody after they resisted officers’ orders to pledge in writing that they would not engage in the banned activity again.It is unknown if these women continue to be held, but an NRCI member has since issued a statement condemning “such gender discrimination.”The administration of President Hassan Rouhani was also called out for the growing level of restrictions placed on women’s freedom in Iran.

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