Media Ahmed Hamoud from @AleppoAMC passes away #Aleppo

108cc736-1dad-49f7-b2e8-a734c39b41cf (1)After 15 days of being seriously injured, he died Media and a member of the Aleppo Media Centre @AleppoAMC , Ahmed Hamoud aka “comprehensive” while receiving treatment in a Turkish hospital.

Ahmed Hamoud wounded with his family, after the fall of the barrel bomb in Salah al-Din neighborhood of Aleppo, and that while they were heading to their home for the night, and was their ministry immediately to field hospitals for treatment.

Given the state of Ahmad and his pregnant wife is nine months pregnant, was transferred to Turkish hospitals, one day after they got, without being able to pick up their two children, “Alaa 5 years and Yamen three years” and remained in a relative’s house in Aleppo, and put her child wife destruction while undergoing probation in Intensive Care, in Turkish hospitals, before dissociation life of her wounds.

The focus of the injury a “comprehensive” in the head, where the cause of the pressure blast barrel blockage in the arteries, as well as a crush in the right forearm, leading to lack of blood supply to stop, which necessitated amputation as an option for the inevitable, and while taking the necessary actions to transfer to a European country for treatment. Al-Ahmed moved to a comprehensive passed away on Friday afternoon.

Ahmed Al-Ahmad has three children, two of whom were passing by in Aleppo, and the newborn baby it when his friend in Turkey.




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