55 killed among them 25 children in #Aleppo during #AleppoDebate today


Children of Aleppo 

There have been several of bombings on Aleppo today while the UK House of common was holding an #AleppoDebate

according to latest update from inside Aleppo hospitals 55 were killed including 25 children mostly killed on the Bostan Al Qasr neighborhood bombing



another report shows which areas in Aleppo have been hit,

Bostan Al Qasr 25 martyrs.

Ferdos 14 martyrs

Qatergi 2 martyrs

Soran 3 martyrs

Menbeg 11 martyrs

Also a Child in Tel Hadia village was killed because of a cluster bombs explosion.

Abullatif Mustafa from Ferdos neighborhood in a #Aleppo hospital waiting for operation with several of fractures in his legs, he was hit while he was in his home, he don’t know what type of bomb fell on him. all his family members are injured during the attack. The attack took place around 2-3 PM local time.

ارتفاع حصيلة الشهداء في حلب الجريحة الى 55 شهيد حتى اللحظة
منهم 25 شهيد فقط في قصف على مدرسة للاطفال في بستان القصر
حلب الحبيبة تغرق في دماءها

1- حي بستان القصر : 25 شهيداً
2- حي الفردوس: 14 شهيداً
3- حي القاطرجي: شهيدان
4- بلدة صوران: 3 شهداء
5- مدينة منبج: 11 شهيداً
6_ طفل من قرية تل حدية نتيجة انفجار مخلفات عنقودي




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