statement published by the medical organizations based in #Aleppo (English translation)

16dacdb3-03db-4bce-8eac-6ac720b0f442A statement published by the medical organizations based in Aleppo city
Since early September 2016, the eastern neighborhoods in Aleppo city have been suffering a massive offensive launched by the Syrian and Russian air force, showering Aleppo city with all sorts of weapons such as; Bunker Buster Bombs, Barrel Bombs, Cluster Bombs and Vacuum Bombs. We have also documented one Chlorine Gas attack during this campaign in Al-Zebdieh neighborhood.
At the same time, those neighborhoods have been besieged for over two months, all roads in and out were totally blocked. As a result to this vicious campaign; more than four hundred civilian died, and over one thousand others got injured, most of the city hospitals were targeted, Al-Sakhour hospital, the biggest one among them, went out of service after several attacks.
And under these circumstances, we have been offered to evacuate the injured and sick people outside the city and if needed to Turkey for treatment, and we hereby bring your attention to the following:
• We aim to save lives, and any initiative that could save lives will be treated with extreme support by our side
• Our core request is to stop the indiscriminate bombing and the systematic attacks on the health facilities. And to ensure the protection of the civilians living in the residential areas
• We are calling for allowing the needed medical materials to enter the city, and we are ready to provide the United Nation through their representatives with lists of the needed materials.
• We are calling for allowing food and baby milk to enter the city to avoid a serious malnutrition crises
• We are calling for securing the evacuation of injured and sick people and the humanitarian aid delivery
• We ask to consider air drops in case the land safe corridors were not feasible
This paper is signed off by:
– The Medical Council of Aleppo City.
– The children’s Hospital
– Al-Zahra Hospital
– Al-Dakak Hospital
– Al-Sakhour Hospital – Al-Zarzour Hospital
– Hilal Hospital
– Basel Aslan Hospital
– Al-Bayan Hospital

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