#StandWithAleppo: Our children have the right to live and learn peacefully – #Syria



Our children have the right to live and learn peacefully


United Nations General Assembly

UN Secretary-General

Member States of the Security Council

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Human Rights Council

Save the Children



European Union

UN envoy to Syria Mr. Staffan de Mistura


The world was shocked by the murders of children within their schools. These murders are caused by the brutal, deliberately and systematically bombing by the Syrian and Russian Air Forces, Indifferent and without mercy nor compassion. This happens under the sight of all Human Rights activists, governments around the world, the United Nations, Member States of the Security Council and human rights organizations.

The crime of targeting Hass village’s school in rural Idleb governorate on Wednesday 26/10 2016 by the Syrian and Russian airstrikes was one of the worst war crimes in the modern era. As a result of this heinous crime more than 30 children from the school and seven teachers were killed, and a doctor was killed as well while he was helping injured people at the site. These numbers may rise because the other 100 injured at the incident most of them have lost their limbs.

This crime is one of tens; and an example of thousands of unjustified targeting of schools and children by airstrikes where there are no clashes or military presences.

This crime is considered in all terms a war crime against humanity and childhood.

Since the beginning of the Syrian revaluation the Syrian regime Air Force used to target schools destroying it over teachers and children heads. More than 5000 schools have been damaged by airstrikes; killing about 10000 children whiting their schools 5023 out of them were under 10 years old with more than 500 teachers. While the numbers of Syrian children killed by Syrian and Russian airstrikes has reached 50000 children.

The silence of the international community about bombarding civilians, schools, educational and medical centers, and the absence of any obligation of the Syrian Regime and his cooperatives represented by Russia and Iran to avoid civilians and schools, this stands as a green light given from the International community to the Syrian Regime to kill more children in Syria.

Therefore, and as human rights organizations and civil activists witnessing these crimes, we put the international community upon their historical responsibilities. We request urgently to activate the civilians’ protection code, which is an absolute human principle.

Our urgent demands could be prioritized in the following:

1- Forming an international investigation committee to investigate Hass’ school massacre. This committee may investigate all airstrikes on schools and refer these files to the International Criminal Court.

2- To Issue an international binding decision about the necessity of avoiding civilians and protecting children and schools in Syria.

3- To stop the daily airstrikes on Syrian people.

4- Asking the European countries that work under the principle of general jurisdiction to start investigating the war crimes against humanity committed by Syrian and Russian officials and refer them to war crimes trails.

5- Ensure schools and children are well supported materially and morally; and provide protection for schools in the liberated areas of Syria.

6- Hold all parties in the Syrian conflict accountable against targeting civilians and schools, and apply serious sanctions against uncommitted parties .


With all respect


15/10 2016




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