#BlacklistIRGC #IranOutOfSyria updates and Tweets on #Iran & #Syria

IranOutofSyria 3According to source familiar with the Syrian crisis’ negotiations, a meeting will be held in Tehran during April without the presence of the Syrian opposition.
We rebuff the meddling of the Iranian regime in Syrian affaires; we condemn and denounce the notorious role played by Iran in Syria.
It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Revolutionary Guard is one of the factors of sabotage and destruction that occurred in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and in the region as a whole.
The Revolutionary Guard and its affiliated militias have given Assad all needed support in his barbaric campaigns against his freedom lover people. The IRGC has imposed its authority on Syrian people in multiples areas, benefiting from the “carte blanche”, Assad has given it to persecute and enslave the Syrian people on his behalf.
We demand that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its militias allies be included in the international, American and European lists of terrorist organizations and entities.
We demand that their file be resubmitted to the UN Security Council, which it would be of great assistance to the Syrian people in their struggle to eradicate the criminal Assad regime.


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Maryam Rajavi :The IRGC must be blacklisted

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#Iran’s Latest Intransigence Reason for IRGC Terror Designation

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Perfect Timing To Raise The Tone On #Iran

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#Iran And The Revolutionary Guards’ Economic Powerhouse

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