IRAN: Ayatollah of Massacre

#ShamElections in #Iran: Ayatollah of Massacre Raisi in #1988Massacre

The Media Express

In the recorded history of the world, rarely has one seen the perpetrator of a large massacre defend their actions in front of the media. In most cases, they simply refuse to acknowledge it even occurred. However, it is impossible to find an example of a senior director of a massacre nominated for a presidential campaign and defending the massacre as part of his election campaign.

The following text is a unique document. This article is a part of the explanation of Mullah Ebrahim Raisi (member of the death committee), a senior official of the political prisoner’s massacre in 1988, to some questions that were published in the state media:

Question: What is the background of the executions in 1988?

Answer: In August 1988, when Monafeghin’s (the name mullahs use for main opposition movement, Mojahedine) national liberation army troops attacked Iran, their operation known as the “eternal light operation” officially…

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