SAC: Take Action to support #BlacklistIRGC Call your Senator to Push for Sanctions on #Iran


unnamedLate last night, Senate leadership of both parties announced an agreement to attach a strong package of sanctions on Russia as an amendment to S. 722 the Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017 which is currently being debated on the Senate floor. This week the Senate will take up both these sanctions on Russia and Iran. This bipartisan legislation, along with this amendment, would impose punitive sanctions on Iran and Russia for their support of the Assad regime.

In relation to Syria this bill would:

  • Extend sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile program, support of terrorism and human rights violations including its support of the Assad regime.
  • Require the Trump Administration to submit an assessment to Congress of Iran’s support, funding and training of the Assad regime, Hezbollah, and Iranian backed militias in Syria, along with a report on what the administration is doing to counteract these threats.
  • Impose terrorism related sanctions on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. which has been the main engine supporting the Assad regime, Hezbollah, and its affiliated militias in their assault on the Syrian people.
  • Impose sanctions on Iranian backed entities involved in destabilizing Syria and supporting the Assad regime.
  • Impose sanctions on Russians supplying weapons to the Assad regime; as well as the Russian defense or intelligence sectors, including the FSB and GRU.
  • Impose new sanctions on Russia including its energy, mining, and banking sectors.
  • Require Congress’ approval if sanctions on Russia are relaxed, suspended or terminated.

Please use the link below and follow the instructions to call your Senators and ask that they vote YES for both S. 722 and the Russia sanctions amendment. Also, please tweet in support of this bill by using the hashtag #BlacklistIRGC on social media.

 Take Action 




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