#No2Rouhani Message to Mogherini “ask Rouhani to stop interfering in #Syria & respect HumanRights in Iran”

Benedicte is a French Social Media activist who have been following the situation in Syria and Iran during the recent years, she wrote a message recently to Federica Mogherini telling her that many lives have been sacrificed for political and financial interest.

Benedicte’s message to Mogherini is simple”ask Rouhani to stop interfering in and respect in


To Mrs. Federica Mogherini, I know that you will soon meet Hassan Rouhani in order to congratulate him on his victory in the elections. I do not want to talk about respect for human rights. You are a smart woman, and you know perfectly who you are going to meet. You know perfectly well what is going on in Iran, all the crimes this man is responsible for, and not just in Iran. It is a criminal whom you are going to congratulate. This is the beautiful image that you give and that reflects the sad reality of a Europe silent in the face of criminals like Rouhani, Assad, and powerless in the face of Russia. So many lives sacrificed in the name of political and financial interests. I am not one of those silent sheep. I am European, French, but these people whom you sacrifice in the name of your policies, do you see them? Do not talk about values and human rights when Europe leaves thousands of people to die at its doors. Do not say that you do not know because everyone knows. I am European, but not blind. Yours sincerely,



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