#FreeIran – Necessary Policy to Achieve Peaceful #RegimeChange in #Iran

Necessary Policy from the West Will Assist Iranian Resistance to Achieve Peaceful Regime Change

DDpzOKuWAAAEx37During the more than 38 years of its existence, the Iranian regime has demonstrated that is unable give its people a democratic government. Instead, using theocracy and a fundamentalism that represses all freedoms and basic human rights. Using torture, imprisonment, and executions to keep the people in line, the mullahs have shown that their comfort and control are their only objectives.

The people of Iran want real change, as demonstrated at a recent gathering in Paris this past July. Yet the only change that will create eliminate the repression of the Iranian people is regime change. The international community can support that change by giving support to the viable democratic alternative, a coalition of opposition groups known as the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). This is the alternative that calls for a secular republic, gender equality, no capital punishment, rights of religious and ethnic minorities and a non-nuclear Iran.



However, it must be made clear that while the resistance calls for a firm hand from the international community, they are not calling for military aid from Western governments to topple the current regime. They instead expect the international community not to give economic or diplomatic support to the regime and its military arm, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

It is expected that democratic countries in conjunction with their values and principles are going to side with the Iranian people and their desire for regime change. Failing to stand with the Iranian people is tantamount to adding the mullahs’ regime power and control by giving them the tools to continue their repressive efforts.

Some of the conditions that the Iranian people are calling for include conditioning any diplomatic efforts or trade agreements include stopping the executions and ending the human rights violations in Iran. Additionally, they call for the Iranian regime to withdraw its troops from Syria and Iraq, as well as stop its various activities throughout the region meant to contribute to its stability.

The international community needs to make it clear to the regime that it needs to end its support for terrorist groups, such as Hezbollah. This is the right policy to keep war out of the region and at the same time, keep the regime from expanding its influence. But these policies will stop the regime from expanding economically and militarily, thus allowing it to collapse on its own, creating a peaceful regime change to the democratic alternative.


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