#Iran: About OIAC, an ALL Volunteer Iranian American non-profit Organization

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, August 4, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ —


The Organization of Iranian-American communities-US (OIAC) advocates for a democratic, secular and non-nuclear government in Iran, founded on the respect for human rights, gender equality, religious and ethnic tolerance, as wells as social, economic justice, and security for America. Our goal is to organize Iranian-American communities in the United States to promote these values.

The Organization of Iranian-American communities-US (OIAC), all-volunteers non profit organization, believes democracy and human rights in Iran are imperative to the national security of America and peace in the Middle East and beyond.
OIAC does not support a foreign war, nor does it support an appeasement policy towards Iran. Our goal is to promote a third option in dealing with the Iran, one which supports the Iranian people’s struggle for democratic change. We hope to serve as a platform and resource for Iranian-Americans working on human rights issues and standing in solidarity with the Iranian people for democratic change in Iran. Click HERE for our 10 principles for a future Iran.

About Us
Organization of Iranian-American Communities-US (OIAC) is the non-profit and non-partisan organization representing the network of Iranian-American organizations nationwide. While active since 1997, in 2012 Iranian-American communities of 40 different states came together and formed OIAC with a national headquarters based in Washington D.C. As the largest, most organized and enduring grass root of Iranian-Americans, OIAC mobilizes its network to fulfill their civic duty through active engagement in political process and educate local, national policy makers and media on priorities and topics important to the Iranian-American communities.

Fleeing from the barbaric theocracy in their native land, Iranian-Americans have successfully established themselves in the United States, enjoying professional, scientific, and financial prosperity. Iranian-Americans have benefited from long held virtues that have been enablers of their success in America and motivate their continued interest in their homeland’s disposition.

OIAC does not support a foreign war, nor does it support an appeasement policy towards Iran. More specifically, OIAC supports the 10-point plans by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi for a democratic Iran that aligns with security for America and peace in the Middle East and beyond. OIAC works in collaboration with all Iranian-Americans and concerned citizens across the country to achieve its mission and vision.

In seeking an alternative to the religious fascism now engulfing Iran and the region, we back a political/social platform that allows for self-determination through democratic elections by & for the people of Iran.

No version, form, or faction of the current regime represents the Iranian people or their democratic aspirations. The current regime must therefore be replaced in its entirety: by the people of Iran and their organized resistance.

Dr. Majid Sadeghpour

 About OIAC


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