Activists demand #Iran’s IRGC out of #Syria using the Hashtag #IranOutOfSyria

Qasioun News Agency: Activists demand Iran’s IRGC out of Syria using the Hashtag #IranOutOfSyria

The new sanctions on Iran for meddling in Syria were very quickly approved by the House of Representatives, the Senate with overwhelming majority and was singed by the president of the United States of America, which technically means that the IRGC is on the US Blacklist.

The expulsion of the IRGC and its affiliated militias from the Middle East, in particular from Syria and Iraq, is indispensable to the enactment of this law and a prerequisite to ending the conflict and crisis that have engulfed the entire region.

The new law subjects the IRGC to the same sanctions imposed on the entities in the list of “Specially Designated Global Terrorists.” This list was created subsequent to September 11, 2001 based on an Executive Order of the US President.


The terrorist designation and sanctions against the IRGC should have taken place a long time ago.

Iranian, Syrian, Yemeni and Iraqi activists have for a long time advocating and asking the US to#BlacklistIRGC

As Donald Trump approved the new sanctions On Iran, still the IRGC and all its affiliated militias are fighting in Syria and supporting Bashar Al Assad.


On Sunday a Tweet Storm managed by Syrian and Iranian activists will call upon the United States to focus on having Iran out of Syria.


Both Bashar Al Assad as well as Iranian officials have bragged about the role of IRGC in keeping Assad in power since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution until today.

Join us on Sunday

Hashtag #IranOutOfSyria


Date: Sunday 13 August 2017


22:00 Damascus / Ankara / Riyadh time

21:00 Paris / Berlin / Rome time

20:00 London time

15:00 Washington/ New York time

14:00 Chicago time




Watch 4 minute summary-conference on IRGC Terrorist Training Camps by NCRI – Washington Office


Source: Qasioun News Agency:


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