A Different New Year

Free The 7

By Ebrahim Mir Seyyedi, Camp Liberty resident

As New Year approaches, children steal glances at mothers, wondering about the presents they will be receiving this year. They dream of toys and new clothes, and how they will proudly show their new acquirements to their friends when schools reopen. This is a story that repeats itself at every New Year. New Year is a time of joy, happiness, and reunion.

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Christmas is not merry this year

Free The 7

While Christmas is at our doorsteps, and all families unite for celebration and merrymaking, a daughter still awaits with glistening eyes the return of her mother, hostage in the hands of Iraqi forces for nearly four months.
She is in Camp Liberty, Iraq, where Iranian refugees have been the target of a horrible massacre by Iraqi forces.
Listen to her story.

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Majority of Italian Parliamentarians Call for Investigation into Camp Ashraf Massacre

Iran Liberty


Source: Avvenire – Dec. 20, 2013 (Translated from Italian)
Rome. 320 Italian parliamentarians from various political parties, signed a bipartisan statement in which they condemned “the unabated human rights violations perpetrated by current Iranian government.”

They demanded to shed light on the attack on members of exiled Iranian Resistance in Camp Ashraf refugee camp (Iraq) carried out two months ago, during which 52 people slaughtered, 7 abducted including 6 women, and they demanded that security of 3.000 Iranian dissidents residing in Camp Liberty, Iraq, be guaranteed.

Taking into consideration “dire condition of Iranian dissidents in Iraq”, the statement said “parliamentarians demand” Italian Government, EU, U.S.A. and UN to take adequate actions “for releasing 7 hostagese, provide security for Camp Liberty, by stationing permanently a UN Blue Helmets force.”

Italian parliamentarian expressed also their concern that, after latest presidential election and since 100 days that Rouhani took office “there are no…

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Maryam Rajavi’s Christmas and New Year Greetings 24 December 2013

Message Maryam Rajavi Christmas and New Year 2014

Dear Friends of the Iranian people and resistance across the world.
On Christmas eve and the birth of Jesus Christ, the messenger of mercy / peace and freedom/ I wish you a Happy New Year.
I wish that the New Year would bring peace, solidarity and happiness for the people around the world.
May Freedom and democracy triumph in my homeland Iran and other nations in the region.
Christmas brings with it the spirit of Peace, brotherhood and tolerance when people of all religion come together to replace revenge with love and tolerance.